Horror Resources!

If you aren't experiencing fall-like weather yet, you probably don't care.  It's close enough to our favorite holiday to start/continue binging all that is scary, thrilling, and gorey. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite newsletters to give you greater access to the horror genre.  Please add your own in the comments!

First up is Dread Central.  Dread Central has many awesome features!  They write about podcasts, movies reviews, horror news, and more.  Sign up to get their newsletter!  

iHorror is next.  I love iHorror because they parse out subgenres in horror to read about, including true crime, comedy horror, and monster horror.  They also run a feature every week called Tightwad Tuesday which showcases several free horror films and their streaming sources.  It saves me hunting through each channel, looking for anything remotely interesting to watch.  And if you are a film student, check out the iHorror Film Festival!

For book connoisseurs, I recommend The Lineup.  They are a bottomless source for horror/mystery/gothic/paranormal/etc. reads.  The Lineup also features "historical crimes, real ghost stories, and the scariest book recommendations...from highbrow literary pieces to Internet memes."  The Lineup also runs Creepy Crate, which I love because each box delivers a physical book or an email link for a digital book.  Check out Creepy Crate here!

Bloody Disgusting is great to find horror videos online, horror video games, editorials, and Bloody Disgusting TV, free scares 24/7!


Horror News Network boasts the Connecticut Horrorfest, Horror Comedy Awards, and news about movies, television shows, and more. 


HNN (Horror News.Net) has interviews, dark music reviews, and content regarding horror and cult films.  Check them out!  

While the above is only a fraction of what you can find dealing with all that is horror, they are some of the most popular.  I'm sure I've missed a few online horror sources so please add your faves to the comments!  I hope these sites inspire you as much as they do for me.


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