About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting Demon Monkey Craft.  My name is Rebecca Martz-Burley and I have been cross stitching for over ten years.  After the death of my baby son I immersed myself into my work to stay busy. I re-branded and focused on what I love best: horror. I still do humor but I really love the horror genre. I told myself that I would publish a book of patterns someday and began practicing different themes within the horror genre, testing waters and pushing myself to grow as an artist. I asked for feedback from the people I looked up to and took that feedback to make the necessary changes. It was a rough road but I continued onward and upward. Finally in 2016 I approached a publisher with some ideas and we settled on one. It's called Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread.  I am very proud of it!

Why the name "Demon Monkey Craft"?  I generally use the brand of thread called DMC.  For my company name I simply tried out different names using the letters from DMC.  Demon Monkey Craft was quirky and dark, kind of like me!

Finally, I am working on a new book as well as promoting book sales of The Book of the Thread.  I also love to create new patterns for my store.  I live in Colorado with my husband, daughter, and dogs.  Watching wildlife and hiking are some of my favorite things to do.


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